About Me

There is an old adage that says, “Jack of all trades, master of none.” I have had colleagues and friends describe me this way throughout my life.

And, I would agree…now. Historically, though, I’ve seen this as a slight against me – “What do you mean a master of none?

But I realized I have been gifted with the ability to understand multiple viewpoints and roles. A great administrator and manager is exactly that – they understand the various aspects to any given project – technical, personnel, finesse, presentation, back office and client facing. So, Jack of All Trades – you couldn’t be paid a higher compliment.

However, that doesn’t fully define me. I am at different times father, son, brother, leader, teacher, student, friend, confidant, writer, reader, artist, lost, found, comfortable, disquieted. Above all, my hunger and thirst for living a purpose driven life has been driven by my beliefs in Jesus, my upbringing and my personal convictions.

If this site helps but one person, then I am grateful for that. If it helps many, then I am pleased to be a conduit, a catalyst for you. My musings and posts are only entering an already existing dialogue out there. It doesn’t mean I will or won’t have something new to say. I simply believe that conversation about life is essential to growth and finding a healthy perspective. Please join me on my journey, and share your thoughts – don’t be shy. If you know me, you know I am happy to hear from you.