For many of us, at one point in our life we dream of having a family. We consider finding a spouse then growing our family larger with children.

However, family life can be so complex and at times daunting. Unfortunately, none of it comes with a step by step manual. Mostly, we need to rely on the wisdom of those who came before us. For those of us who are Christians, it also means relying on the wisdom of the Bible and the Holy Spirit who teaches us all things.

On this page, you will read stories of parenting successes and fails, tips and tricks, and general thoughts on what it means to parent a child.

Please feel free to post comments or thoughts, keeping them respectful and not throwing your children or spouse under the bus when you do. Best to protect your family, even when you have an opportunity to make a laugh or share an insight. Get their permission to share, if you can.

Stay tuned!